Bridging The Gap Between Home Decor and Fire Safety


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It's a question we're asked a lot, and one that we've been reflecting on ourselves. In any aspect of life (our jobs, hobbies, and relationships, for instance), what compels us forward is our why. Why do we love someone? Why did we choose our profession? Why do we spend our free time on certain hobbies?

The answer for all of them comes back to passion of some kind.

Whether it's the money you can make, the feeling it gives you, or an event that propelled you into it, we do what we do because there's an element of passion somewhere. Our passion is keeping people safe from fires. We read articles about homes and lives destroyed by fire on a weekly basis, and it's our why. We want a Fireball in every home, business, and car across America, because we don't want to read articles like that anymore and know people's lives have been completely destroyed.

In other words - our why is you, and keeping your family and home safe from fires.

Fire Extinguisher Comparison Chart

See a side-by-side comparison  to learn how the Fireball stacks up against the traditional fire extinguisher and water sprinkler systems.

You'll be shocked at the difference!

Watch the Fireball in Action!

Curious to see how the Fireball® performs in action?

Watch live demonstrations and reviews of the Fireball being put to the test by real consumers!