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    Changing the way you think about fire safety

    Stopping fires at the source

    Get the peace of mind you deserve

    No one can predict a fire disaster but the Fireball can prevent them from becoming disasters by putting the fire out at the source.

    Only the Fireball can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve while protecting your family and assets. 

    Safe Technology

    The dry chemical powder used in the Fireball® contains Eco-friendly, non-toxic dust particles which can easily be vacuum cleaned or swept away with a mop and bucket. The chemical powder released by the Auto Fire Guard Fireball™ is safe for kids and pets!

    Smart Reliable Fire Protection

    Firefighters in several States have adopted the fireball as part of their fire code as a compliance element to the Americans with disabilities act which requires reasonable accommodations for individuals who cannot manually use a regular fire extinguisher such as senior citizens, children or the disabled. Everybody can become disabled in a fire therefore everybody needs a fireball. Fireball has the longest life of any device of its kind. It is waterproof. Pound for pound it is the most powerful & safe fire extinguisher in the world. With 86 db bang, it is safer than a popping balloon.