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The Best Smoke Alarms for Your Home

We often write about the best ways to fireproof your home and our favorite fire prevention tips. And always at the top of these lists are installing and maintaining a smoke alarm.

But what is the best smoke alarm to install in your home?

Keep reading to learn about the best smoke alarms on the market today!

Your Guide to the Best Smoke Alarms

Any smoke alarm can get the job done, as long as it's properly maintained and placed. However, our picks are based on additional features and test ratings that place them above your average hardware store brand alarm. We have the best in smart technology, the most bang for your buck, and early/wide-range detection.

Of course, smoke alarms work best when paired with a fire suppression system, so make sure you have an effective fire extinguisher as well.

1. The Nest Protect Alarm

This smart smoke detector connects to the Nest Protect mobile app and can be integrated with other Nest smart products.

The app notifies you if it detects fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide. It will also notify you if the batteries are low (it uses six lithium-ion batteries) and allows you to monitor your home while away.

Because it uses a Split Spectrum technology, it's also more sensitive and will quickly pick up on photoelectric and ionization changes in the environment.

2. The First Alert Smoke Detector

Speaking of Split Spectrum technology, the First Alert alarm received the best rating for the best split sensor alarm. You can connect up to six of these alarms through your home to receive a simultaneous alert.

The First Alert contains a backup 9V battery to make sure you're protected during power outages. The ionization detector also means you'll be alerted to a problem before you have a flaming fire on your hands.

3. The Kidde i2040 Smoke Alarm

The Kidde alarm is our bargain choice, but don't let the low price tag fool you.

Connect up to 24 different smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide alarms to create a fool-proof safety system in your home. 

It also utilizes a 9V backup battery and is tamper-resistant. This is a hard-wired alarm, however, so installation requires more than just hanging a bracket.

4. Ardwolf Fire Alarm

The Ardwolf alarm is a standout in the wide range category, detecting slow-burning and smoldering smoke from farther distances than most.

A red flashing LED light alerts you to low battery life, and it's simple one-button testing allows easy maintenance.

5. SimpliSafe Smoke Detector

If you're looking for early detection of fire, consider the SimpliSafe alarm. Its photoelectric sensors are designed to pick up and alert you to fires in their early stages, long before flames appear.

It has a loud built-in siren that sounds when triggered, and you'll be alerted via text and email in case your aren't at home when it alerts.

Looking for the Best Smoke Alarms For Your House?

Now that you know the best smoke alarms on the market today, make sure your home and loved ones are protected by installing them on every level of your home. Focus on bedrooms, kitchens and basements.

Of course, a smoke alarm will only get you so far. If yours goes off, do you have a way to extinguish the flames?

Add the AFG Fireball to your fire prevention toolkit, and you'll be able to rest easy when that smoke alarm goes off knowing your home is protected by the best automatic fire extinguisher around.