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Fireball vs Traditional Systems

If you're coming across the Fireball for the first time, you might be wondering what the difference is between the Fireball vs traditional systems.

Keep reading to learn more!

The Fireball vs Traditional Systems

The Fireball can be mounted like a fire extinguisher or used manually by simply tossing it into the fire. Once the Fireball meets the fire, it deploys and sounds an alarm, immediately extinguishing the fire.

The cleanup from the Fireball is minor. Simply sweep or vacuum the eco-friendly particles. It leaves no water damage as traditional fire sprinkler systems do.

1. Mounted Fireballs self-activate when fires occur within their range. No pins to pull and no reason to get near the fire. Ready for use 24/7.

2. The Fireball can be used in three classes of fire: gas, electrical, and organic. Traditional extinguishers are fire class-specific and may not cover all 3 types of fire.

3. The Fireball is easy to use, weighing less than 3 pounds. It can be mounted in a strategic area or it can be tossed into a fire. Fire extinguishers are heavy and hard to handle and operate.

4. The Fireball causes very little damage after deployment. Traditional sprinkler systems are expensive to install, and they can cause water damage to your home after deactivating. The Fireball debris contains eco-friendly dust particles and can be vacuumed or swept away. In fact, after the product expiration, the chemical mixture decomposes into a natural fertilizer for your garden.

5. The Fireball is safe to use. With traditional fire extinguishers, you need to locate it, go towards the fire and operate it close to the fire, placing you in possible danger. The mounted Fireball self- activates. No need to be anywhere near the fire.

6. The Fireball can buy time on larger fires. Modern construction uses synthetic building materials, which burn much faster than the traditional brick and mortar used in the past. Tossing a Fireball into a large fire can buy time for firefighters to arrive. It could be the difference between saving and losing your property.

7. The Fireball is affordable, warrantied for five years with a life expectancy of 15 years. No annual inspections or batteries required.