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Top Five Home Fire Safety Tips

You read news stories about fires breaking out in homes and businesses all the time, but most of us never stop to think about those situations happening to us.

But over a million fires occur annually, resulting in over $20 billion in damage and thousands of lives lost each year. And it could just as easily be your home in those headlines, if you aren't taking the right precautions.

The good news is that you can take simple steps to ensure your home doesn't end up in a pile of ash on the front page. Keep reading to learn five simple home fire safety steps you can take today!

1. Put Fire Alarms on Every Level of Your Home

Fire alarms are your first line of defense against a fire. If a fire breaks out in your kitchen when everyone is fast asleep upstairs, you likely wouldn't wake or know there was a fire until it was out of control. Smoke detectors sense the presence of fire while it's in early stages, allowing you time to put the blaze out or escape.

2. Understand Where Fire Hazards Are in Your Home

Fires don't just break out in obvious places. While areas like wood and cooking stoves get a lot of attention, many fires are the results of day to day activities, like electronic malfunctions or candle usage. Understand where and how fires start and minimize risk.

  • Keep candles 12 inches away from items that are flammable
  • Burn only dry wood in your wood stove
  • Keep matches, lighters, flammable chemicals or gases stored properly and away from children
  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Never leave a wood stove or cooktop unattended

3. Be Prepared in Case of Fire

If a fire is small enough, you may be able to safely fight it to minimize damages. Keeping a fire extinguisher such as the AFG Fireball around increases your chances of putting a fire out when it's still small and hasn't caused as much damage to your property.

4. Have a Home Fire Safety Escape Plan

Especially where children are concerned, having a fire escape and safety plan for your home could mean the difference between tragedy and one averted. Make sure everyone in your family knows what fire alarms sound like and how to respond to one. Designate a safe meeting place and teach kids multiple ways of exiting the house in case they can't get out normally.

5. Minimize Risks Inside and Outside

Remember, fire risks don't just exist inside - they lurk outside too. Chemicals and fuels stored inside garages or sheds and barbeques and smokers are fire hazards as well. Just as you do inside your home, take precautions storing flammable products and keep BBQ grills away from the side of your home.

Creating a Home Fire Safety Plan For Your Family!

If you don't have a home fire safety plan for your house and haven't taken the necessary precautions to keep your home and family safe, it's time.

Contact Quora Distribution today and let us show you why the AFG Fireball should be at the top of your home fire safety preparations!