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The Best Fire Extinguisher for Electronics

Electronics and electrical components catch on fire more regularly than you would think. In fact, according to studies, electrical fires account for over 50,000 fires each year, billions in property damage, and almost 500 deaths.

When looking for the best fire extinguisher for electronics, it's first important to understand there are different classes of fire, and different extinguishers that are appropriate for each.

Keep reading to learn what fire extinguishers are appropriate for electronics and why.

Why the Type of Fire Extinguisher Matters

Electrical fires and those that involve any kind of electrical components actually have their very own class of fires, Class C. Using the wrong kind of extinguisher on a Class C fire can have disastrous results. Why?

Electrical fires don't behave like typical fires started by combustibles. Extinguishers rated for other classes of fires, like water extinguishers, not only do not work on Class C fires, they can actually make the fire worse and create a deadly situation. Because water conducts electricity, you could end up electrocuting yourself and others nearby while trying to extinguish the flames.

Further, many electrical fires involve expensive components and electronic equipment that can be damaged when exposed to the materials inside fire extinguishers. Even fire extinguishers that are rated safe for Class C fires can leave residue behind that will ultimately damage and corrode your electronics.

What Fire Extinguishers Work for Electronics

The best fire extinguisher for electronics is one that employs what's called a clean fire agent extinguisher, meaning it is both effective and safe for sensitive electronics.

There are a variety of chemicals that fall into this category. All are environmentally friendly and considered non-toxic, leave no reside on electronics, and can be used on B and C class of fires. Some can be used on A, B, and C classes of fires.

The AFG Fireball is one of these. Safe on multiple classes of fires, non-toxic, easy to clean up, and the perfect solution for electronic fires. As a matter of fact, the Fireball was recently rated among the top ten best fire extinguishers on the market today!

Choosing the Best Fire Extinguisher for Electronics

If you're looking for the best fire extinguisher for electronics, look no further than the AFG Fireball. Easy to use and clean up, non-toxic, and your best friend when it comes to protecting your expensive electronics, the Fireball is your best choice in fire extinguishers.

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