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Using the AFG Fireball

You wake up to a screaming alarm, smoke in the air, and a nightmare worse than any you could have been having while asleep. It will be right around this time you'll be wishing you'd given more thought to fire safety, and making sure your home is safe.

If you have the AFG Fireball, however, you'll wake to this nightmare knowing that the fire is likely already contained and disaster averted.

So what is the AFG Fireball, and how do you use it? Keep reading for this comprehensive guide to using your new AFG Fireball.

What is the AFG Fireball?

The AFG Fireball is a new take on automatic fire suppression systems. Designed to act as both alarm and extinguisher, it's a non-toxic system that is safer and easier to use than traditional extinguishers. The Fireball is:

  • Decorative, hiding in plain sight
  • Automatic, deploying when touched by flames
  • Non-toxic, containing natural substances that can be used in your garden
  • Easy to clean, requiring only a broom and mop

How is the Fireball Used?

Using the Fireball is meant to be easy and safe. In most cases, the Fireball is placed near areas where fire safety is a larger concern. This includes obvious areas like kitchens, wood stoves, and electrical boxes.

But the Fireball can also be used in other less obvious areas, like near BBQs outdoors or in the engine compartments of cars and boats.

Most of the time, the Fireball will self-deploy when it's touched by flames. A fire starts at the stove while you're cooking dinner, and the Fireball, sitting nearby, jumps to action and explodes, smothering the flames. You'll have a small mess to clean up and a story to tell about a close call.

However, you can also use the Fireball manually.

If a fire starts in your home somewhere unexpected, you don't need to wait for the flames to reach the Fireball. Simply grab your Fireball and lob or roll it into the flames. Unlike traditional fire extinguishers that require you to aim and point a nozzle, you can stay safely away from the flames while the Fireball takes care of the rest.

And the Fireball works on three different classes of fires, meaning you'll be covered for most occurrences without having to guess which extinguisher is the right one.

Maintenance of the Fireball

The best part of using the AFG Fireball as your fire safety solution? No maintenance.

Unlike traditional extinguishers that need to be inspected once a year, the Fireball will last 15 years without any maintenance or inspections. When it expires, disposal is easy - just open it up in your garden and allow it to be fertilizer for your tomatoes!

The AFG Fireball - Your Best Fire Safety Solution

Using the AFG Fireball is as easy as placing it on your counter, hanging it near a wood stove or BBQ, or securing it inside your engine compartment.

Have more questions about the Fireball? Check out our FAQ page or contact us today to let us help you pick the right Fireball for your situation!