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What is the Fireball?

So you might be asking, “What is the Fireball?”

The AFG (Auto Fire Guard) Fireball is the only US Certified fire sprinkler and fire suppression system on the market! It is slightly larger than a softball, weighing less than 3 pounds, invented by a former fire-firefighter from Colorado.

Fires happen when you don’t expect them. You don’t have time to prepare for them. They just happen and you have seconds to react.

The fire alarm goes off! You dial 911, you grab a fire extinguisher and try to figure out how to use it. Five minutes have now passed! The fire is blazing! You grab the pets and family and exit the fire. You hope the fire department gets there in time to save your home.

STOP! Let’s start over!

A fire has started in your home. You hear a loud alarm going off. You run downstairs and see dust in the air. But no fire. What happened? Nothing.

Because you have a Fireball.

As soon as the fire started and made contact with the Fireball, the Fireball deployed, filling the area with a nontoxic mono-ammonium dry chemical powder that put the fire out. This powder is eco-friendly and safe for humans, pets, and plants.

The Fireball also sounded an alarm when it deployed, alarming anyone in the vicinity of the emergency.

Which scenario do you want in your home? You CAN be prepared for a fire. Eighty percent of all fires start in the kitchen, the hot water heater, or the main circuit panel. By strategically placing a Fireball near these sources, you can prevent falling victim to a fire disaster.

What’s your next step to protecting your family, pets, and property? Order your Fireball today at 

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