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What Will I Receive With my Fireball?

"What will I receive with my Fireball?"

We actually get asked this question a lot, so we thought we'd take a moment to break it down for you!

Besides fire safety and peace of mind, there's more in the box than just your new Fireball. Here's what else is nestled inside.

What Will I Receive With My Fireball?

We want to make sure you understand how to use your Fireball effectively and give you all the tools to do so. To that end, you'll find a few items included in the box with your Fireball.

A Stand and Hardware

The Fireball stand is made to be multifunctional - it can either sit on a surface or be hung.

The stand has a small ring that the Fireball can't fit through and a larger one that it can. One of the three struts between the two rings contains two pre-drilled screw holes. You'll also find an optional handle style attachment that has hardware meant to attach it to the larger ring.

You can display your Fireball one of three ways with this included stand:

  1. Set the stand on a surface, like a countertop, with the larger ring facing down, and the Fireball will sit in the smaller ring.
  2. Mount the stand on a wall using the included screw holes with the small ring down, and the ball will sit inside the mount wherever it's hung.
  3. Attach the handle to the large ring with the small ring pointing down, and the Fireball will sit in the mount basket style, which you can then hang.

An Informational Guide

We want you to understand the ins and out of your Fireball - how it's made, what it contains, and how to use it most effectively.

To this end, we've included a detailed booklet that outlines the Fireball's history, explains how to best set it up, and includes a detailed FAQ to answer every question we've been asked.

A Glow-in-the-Dark Sticker

This handy sticker is designed to be posted by your Fireball. We include it because we understand that in a fire situation, time is of the essence, and this sticker is designed to be a time saver. How?

If one area of your home or business is on fire, you may need to run and grab the Fireball from another area. Smoke and darkness may be factors during a structure fire, and the glow in the dark design helps you locate the Fireball even if it's dark.

Further, if another person unfamiliar with the Fireball is the one nearest the fire, the sticker indicates that the Fireball is a fire extinguisher and shows very quickly what it can be used for.

Besides glowing in the dark, the sticker features a large arrow with the words "Fire Extinguisher Ball" to avoid any confusion. It also lists the classes of fires the Fireball can be effectively used on.

Order Your Fireball Today!

When people ask us, "What will I receive with my Fireball", we immediately think - besides peace of mind?

Our goal is to the Fireball into as many homes, businesses, cars, RVs, and boats as possible - because every one is a firefighter on standby, ready to automatically jump into action the moment a fire starts.

Check out the range of Fireball designs we have available today!