Why the Fireball?

Revolutionary – Smart – Reliable – Innovative – Eco-Friendly – Easy to Use – Decorative

The Fireball, weighing 2.9 pounds, is a little larger than a softball with cylinder Dutch or Floral patterns that blend perfectly with any home or business décor. Each Fireball includes a metal mount with 2 screws to hang in high-risk areas around your home or business.

Smoke alarms warn you of a fire, but they don’t work to stop the fire. The Fireball does. Smoke alarms require battery replacement each year. The Fireball has a shelf life of 15 years. No batteries required!

The sprinkler system can cause major damage to your home. The Fireball doesn’t.

The fireball is much easier to handle than the heavy fire extinguisher, where you may spend several minutes trying to locate the pull pin or aiming it correctly at the fire to diffuse the fire, leaving you close to the fire instead of escaping danger quickly. Because home building materials are mostly synthetic these days, the average time to get out of fire danger is less than 5 minutes. A quick toss of the Fireball into the fire and you exit the area for safety.

The Fireball self-activates or you can toss the Fireball toward the fire and quickly exit the danger zone. When the Fireball comes in contact with the flames of a fire, the 86 decibel alarm alerts people in the vicinity, smothers the fire, cools the fuel and chemically breaks the chain reaction with the fire by removing the hydrogen necessary for combustion, while coating the fuel source to prevent re-ignition.

The Fireball is an effective, all-purpose method of suppressing ABC type fires.
Trash, wood, paper
Liquids – Oil, gas, kerosene, or paint

The Fireball is completely safe for the environment, humans and animals. After the expiration of the product (5 years), the chemical mixture decomposes into a natural fertilizer for gardens, helping your vegetables and plants grow naturally and organically.

The Safety Decal signs provide additional information on how to use the Fireball and it glows to ensure the Fireball is seen in the dark.

Technical Details:
Size: 6″
Colors: Dutch, Modern, Traditional
Shape: Round
Installation Method: Wall-Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Table Top
Sound Level: 86 dB
Performance Description: Full deployment w/in 3-5 Seconds of Flame Contact
Coverage: 905 cubic ft 
Certifications: ADA Compliant, OSHA Compliant, HAZMAT Compliant, NFPA Compliant
Special Features: 360 Degree Deployment, Portable, Wireless
Usage: ABC type fires, Indoor/outdoor, Automatic Sprinkler or Manual Fire Extinguisher
Included Components: Fire Sprinkler/Extinguisher/Alarm Ball, Installation Mount, Sign, User Manual & Misc documents

We hope you don’t need to use your Fireball, but if you do, it may be the best investment you’ll ever make. Until then, rest assure you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe from becoming a fire victim.


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