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All Fireball Sizes and Designs

All Fireball Sizes & Designs

The Fireball doesn't require the annual servicing, pins to pull, or nozzles to point. Anyone can throw the AFG Fire Extinguishing Ball into a fire, causing it to self-activate and put out the fire. To keep you and your family or pets safe while you aren't home, mount your Fire Extinguishing Ball on the wall or ceiling near fire hazards in your home to function as a sprinkler system.

Place the AFG Fireball near the source of where a fire would potentially start. If a fire occurs as soon as its flames contact the Fireball for 2 - 5 seconds, the Fireball will activate, dispersing a dry safe & non-toxic chemical powder that will instantly put the fire out and keep it from reigniting and spreading.

The Fireball keeps your home and family safe from fire even if you aren't home. Install your AFG Fireball strategically near fire hazards and get the peace of mind you'll be protected in the event of a fire.

The AFG Fireball is ideal for everyone because it doesn't require servicing or maintenance of any kind, it comes with a 15-year warranty, it sounds an alarm when it activates, alerting anyone in the vicinity of the fire, and it's safe for humans, pets, and your appliances.

The video below provides helpful information if you're unsure about what size Fireball you need or need to learn more.