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It's a question we're asked a lot the first time people see our decorative fire extinguishing balls, and one that we've been reflecting on ourselves. In any aspect of life (our jobs, hobbies, and relationships, for instance), what compels us forward is our why. Why do we love someone? Why did we choose our profession? Why do we spend our free time on certain hobbies?

The answer for all of them comes back to passion of some kind.

Whether it's the money you can make, the feeling it gives you, or an event that propelled you into it, we do what we do because there's an element of passion somewhere. Our passion is keeping people safe from fires. We read articles about homes, businesses, and lives destroyed by fire on a daily basis, and it's our why. We want one of our Fireball modern fire extinguishing ball in every home, business, and car across America, because we don't want to read articles like that anymore and know people's lives have been completely destroyed. The AFG Fireball is the solution that prevents fires from becoming fire disasters and destroying lives, property, and our forests. 


In other words – the “why” behind our trendy fire suppressant is you, and keeping your family and home safe from fires.


Our Mission: To bring to light and introduce revolutionary products from around the globe that can save lives and eliminate destruction.
Between 2012 to 2016, fire departments in the United States responded to approximately 355,400 house fires. Approximately 11,670 injuries, 2,560 deaths, and more than $6.5 billion in damages were caused by these fires.
Numbers like that are astounding, and at Quora Distribution, we knew we had to do something to help. We wanted to provide a product that literally anybody could use, that’s completely safe for kids and pets, and that was highly effective at putting out fires. That’s why we partnered with Auto Fire Guard to bring the Fireball to market, a revolutionary fire suppression system that’s easier to use than a traditional fire extinguisher.

The Fireball doesn't require the annual servicing, pins to pull or nozzles to point. Anyone can either throw it into a fire, causing it to self-activate, or it could be mounted on brackets to the wall or ceiling to function as a sprinkler system. Simply place it near the source of where a fire would potentially start if you weren't home and you're good.
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