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We're excited you're interested in working with Quora and promoting the AFG Fireball, the best fire extinguisher on the market today - as far as we're concerned at least!

Influencer Criteria

We receive a fairly constant flow of emails and DMs from Influencers seeking collaborations with us. While we'd love to work with every single person who contacts us, we simply can't collaborate with that volume of accounts. To help us sort through candidates, we've established some criteria that accounts must meet up front to qualify for a collaboration.
  1. You must have at least one social media account with 10K followers.
  2. You must post regularly (at least 2x/week) to that account with varied content.
  3. Your account content may not contain hate speech or inflammatory content that would reflect poorly on Quora through a partnership.
  4. You must be willing to sign a Brand/Influencer contract that will stipulate all terms and compensation up front so that there is no miscommunication. We like to make sure that everything is understood up front so that the partnership is a good one for both parties!

We also only work with a certain number of accounts in any one niche (RV, tiny home, boat, car, etc), so even if your account meets the above requirements, we may not be able to collaborate if we've already met our quota within your particular account niche.

If your account does meet the above criteria and we agree to collaborate, we want you to have all the information you need to promote the Fireball, so below we've included a variety of helpful graphics and talking points you can incorporate in your posts and stories, reviews and demos from other affiliates to spark your own creativity, guidelines for demonstrations with the Fireball, and more!
Let's dive right in!

What is the AFG Fireball?

The AFG (Auto Fire Guard) Fireball was designed by a firefighter who modeled it after an invention by the father of electricity, Thomas Edison. Edison's factory burned down when he was 67 years old, and it prompted him to create a "fire grenade", a fire extinguisher that looked like a light bulb.

Unfortunately, his fire grenades contained a toxic combination of chemicals and it was eventually regulated out of distribution to protect the public. However, the idea itself was sound, and as more was learned about the chemistry of fire the old design was able to be improved upon and made safe.

The Fireball uses a proprietary blend of dry chemicals that interrupt a fire's natural chemical chain reaction. It doesn't remove oxygen from the surrounding air, making it 100% safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

In fact, the chemicals used in the Fireball can literally be spread in your garden as a fertilizer for plants!

The AFG Fireball is the only automatic fire extinguisher product sold in the US that successfully passed all the safety tests for each of the consumer protection bureaus.

Talking Points for the Fireball

It's important to us that your message is your own. After all, you know your audience and what they want to see and hear, and we love seeing the Fireball through our affiliate's eyes and words.

But if you need some inspiration, please feel free to use these talking points in your blog and social media posts. These are things we want people to know when it comes to fire safety in their home and how the Fireball can help them.

  • The AFG (Auto Fire Guard) Fireball is the only US Certified fire sprinkler and fire suppression system on the market!
  • It is slightly larger than a softball, weighing less than 3 pounds, invented by a former fire-firefighter from Colorado.
  • The Fireball never expires.
  • The Fireball is weather-resistant and water-proof.
  • Unlike other fire extinguishers, it doesn't require maintenance or inspections.
  • The Fireball uses a non-toxic, eco-friendly chemical that is safe around children and pets and can be used to fertilize your garden!
  • The Fireball is FDA approved.
  • You don't need to be home or in the same room for the Fireball to work - It will deploy when touched by flames, extinguishing the fire automatically.
  • The Fireball also has a built-in 86 dB alarm, alerting you when it's gone off.
  • Fire extinguishers contain only thirty percent dry powder chemicals and they're toxic, but the Fireball contains ninety-four percent and it's 100% safe and non-toxic!
  • The Fireball is capable of extinguishing a fire 360 around itself, up to 12+ feet from the sphere.
  • Unlike ugly fire extinguishers of the past, the Fireball is designed to blend in with your home decor.
  • The Fireball can be wall or ceiling mounted, or left to sit on a surface with the included stand.

Dos and Don'ts of Demos

We love watching demos, but we've seen some gone a little awry due to user error. In order to help you get the best results for your demonstration videos, please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • DO keep fire safety in mind.
  • DO use a fire proof container, like a metal bin, to contain the fire you start.
  • DO stand an appropriate distance away to record your video.
  • DO make sure the Fireball is placed directly into the flames and doesn't roll off the side.
  • DO consider using sound muffling headphones or ear plugs to protect your hearing.
  • DO consider using a tripod to hold your camera, in case you jump or move when the Fireball deploys.
  • DO provide a disclaimer to your audience not to replicate your experiment at home.
  • DON'T build your fire near buildings or combustibles.
  • DON'T hang your Fireball over your fire unless you're using the provided stand.
  • DON'T hold the Fireball in your hand over the fire. 
  • DON'T approach the fire until the Fireball has deployed.
  • DON'T use gasoline or other fuel to start your fire, as it doesn't simulate an actual house fire.

This video is a perfectly setup demo. The fire is contained in a metal bin, the Fireball is dropped directly into the flames, and the person conducting the demo moves quickly away from the fire before the ball deploys. 

Previous Demos and Reviews to Check Out

The following are perfect examples of Fireball posts and demonstration videos done right!

Please look through them to help you gain ideas for your own posts and demos. Please note that all demonstrations must have prior authorization and guidance in order to be accepted and endorsed by Quora for safety reasons!

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Switching gears today to post something I’ve been impatiently waiting weeks to share. • A while back, Mike banked the fire for the night and stacked the wood just a little too high. • Thankfully we weren’t asleep yet, because it resulted in smoke pouring into our little home. Our fire alarm went off, we ran around opening windows, and no harm was done. • When I was a kid I watched my Aunt’s house burn down. As many precautions as we took building the stove, I’ve retained some worries in the back of my mind. And this incident brought them front and center. • Especially the one where I think about a fire starting when we aren’t home, leaving our Great Dane trapped inside. Cringe. • Then we found the AFG Fireball from the guys at @quoradistribution. • It’s an automatic fire extinguisher. Totally non-toxic, safe to use around kids and pets, easy to clean up, and the reason I’m now falling asleep worry free as we bank our fire for the night. • Click the link in our profile to read our review and watch how the Fireball works - spoiler alert, there’s an explosion 💥 • And then, if you decide you need one or seven, use code SINCEWEWOKEUP for $5 off yours! • We are partnering hardcore with the guys at @quoradistribution, because this is a product that we believe EVERY home needs. You’ll definitely be seeing more posts and maybe even some giveaways in the near future! • Go watch the video and tell us what you think! . . . . . #sincewewokeup #skoolieconversion #schoolbus #buslife #homeiswhereyouparkit #skoolie #vanlife #vanconversion #schoolbusconversion #busconversion #skoolielife #rv #rvliving #rvconversion #tinyhome #tinyhouse #tinyliving #rollinghome #lifeonthego #nomadlife #digitalnomad #offthegrid #skooliebuild #skoolies #mybuslife #thow #woodstove #afgfireball #quoradistribution #firesafety

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We have two sources of flame in our home. Our heater & our stove/oven. . For the last year and some change we’ve relied on a very small fire extinguisher.. stupid? Probably. . . Did you notice the new addition in the first photo? . That’s our new Moss Fireball from @quoradistribution . We are so excited to team up with them! . This little fireball will extinguish fires within a 905 cubic ft radius in 2-5 seconds of flame contact with a dry powder. The dust left behind is safe, easy to clean, and NON-TOXIC! . The link in our bio to the “AFG fireball” will tell you all the details better than we can but seriously y’all. We already feel safer having it in our home. . . PS.. if you use ☝️ that link we mentioned.. we get 10% 👍💛👍

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▫️▫️GIVEAWAY ▫️▫️ @quoradistribution is giving away Fireballs to 3 lucky winners!! These are absolutely perfect for Tiny Homes, Big Homes, RVs, Boats, Commercial Offices and pretty much anywhere a fire could break out! . . To enter, you need to: follow @quoradistribution and @tinyhousemovement . . Like this video, and tag two friends. That's it! . . The winner will be able to pick their favorite design, and the Fireball will be mailed to you. The giveaway runs through March 1st, 2020 until 9PM. The winners will be announced on this post, via stories and they will be contacted directly on IG as well. Good Luck! . . Congratulations to @wildandwonderfulwonderers, @roamingwilsons, and @mytinybeachhouse!! You've won a free Fireball from @quoradistribution!! . . . #tinyhouse #tinyhome #tinyhousemovement #giveaway #fireball #afg #giveaways #fire #fires #fireextinguisher

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Helpful Graphics

One of the most helpful graphics we can give you is this comparison chart, which stacks the Fireball side by side with two other traditional systems. Please feel free to share this chart in your stories and blog posts to allow it to do the talking for you!

Giveaway Verbiage

If you're posting a giveaway for the Fireball, please use the following verbiage on your post. It includes a space for your own message along with the important legal jargon and giveaway rules to keep everything fair.

To run a giveaway, you'll follow these steps.

  1. Copy and paste the post below into your post.
  2. Insert your own message, Instagram handle, and giveaway dates where indicated in the post.
  3. Run and promote the giveaway during the specified dates on your post.
  4. Choose a winner and announce them on your profile.
  5. Contact us with the name and info of your winner so we can get the appropriate ball shipped!

Here is your giveaway post template!

🔥 (1) AFG Fireball® (MSRP $120)
👆🏼LIKE: this picture
👥 FOLLOW: [INSERT YOUR IG NAME HERE] & @quoradistribution
🏷 TAG: 2 friends per comment (do not 🚫 tag hosts, celebrity or vendor accounts. No duplicate tags)
🔁 Share this post in your story + tag @quoradistribution
☝🏼 RULES: 1️⃣ Grand prize winner will be selected. Open to USA residents 18+ only. Winner will be announced on [INSERT END DATE] & will be contacted to advise of win. Winner must confirm within 24 hours of receiving notification of win, or new winner will be selected. Unfollowing hosts after contest ends could DQ accounts from future giveaways, just an FYI. Shipping limited to lower 48 USA. This giveaway is in no way affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by Instagram. Good luck! ✨