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While there’s no way to fully guarantee total fire protection, smart business owners plan for passive and active fire protection. Passive protection features components designed to contain fires, such as fire detectors, fire-resistant walls, and dampers that prevent smoke from spreading within air ducts.

Active fire protection requires you to actively do something. A good option is a reliable sprinkler system, while a great one is to add the Fireball from Quora Distribution. Our fire suppression system is designed to be faster and easier to use than a fire extinguisher, and when it makes contact with fire after being thrown or rolled, it bursts and releases a massive amount of safe, flame-retardant chemicals. The Fireball can also be used as a fire sprinkler system, and handy brackets make it simple to mount on walls or ceilings.

When your business is protected by the Fireball, there’s no need for inspections, no need for recharging, and it’s designed to be effective for 15 years. It also includes a five-year warranty. The chemicals within the Fireball are totally safe around animals, and are safe to be used around consumer electronics or electrical panels. If you’re ready for a giant leap forward in active fire protection technology, contact us online or by phone today.