1.1 lb Mini Fireball with hanging loop

3 lb Decorative Fireballs

5 lb Fireballs

11 lb Fireball

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All Fireball Sizes and Designs

How to select the right size Fireball

The AFG Fireballs are available in 4 sizes. 

  1. MINI Fireball, weighs just over 1 pound, it has a "Plastic Ring" attached to the top, and comes with one (1) heavy duty zip tie. Currently available in our traditional red design.
  2. The 3 lbs Fireballs are the perfect size for just about any room in your home or RV and available in a variety decorative designs. Metal wall/table-top/ceiling bracket included, watch video demo to see how to use the mount. 
  3. The 5 lbs Fireballs have a slightly larger radius than the 3 lbs Fireballs and come in designs honoring the men and women that serve in the US Armed Forces. 
  4. (COMING SOON) The 11 lbs Fireball, includes everything as the 3 lbs and 5 lbs Fireballs but with a much larger coverage for large areas. 
Watch the videos guides to help you determine which size Fireball best meets your needs.