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The AFG Fireball-MINI is a self-activating mini fire extinguisher balls for home use that automatically deploys 2-5 seconds after contact with fire using a dry and non-toxic powder to put the fire out and keep it from reigniting. 

The AFG Fireball-MINI is unique because it has a tying ring on the ball's top, and it is smaller, about the size of a softball, enabling it to fit in tight areas of concern where a fire could occur on its own. We include one heavy-duty zip tie in the box with each AFG Fireball-MINI. Use a metal chain or anything that will not melt to tie your MINI if there's a chance the surrounding temperature can reach 165+ degrees Fahrenheit. Hang directly above the potential source of fire, and you're protected, even if you aren't home. Furthermore, anyone can quickly extinguish a fire by tossing the AFG Fireball-MINI into the base of the fire.  

The AFG Fireball-MINI is a fire disaster protector. Hang the AFG Fireball-MINI directly over the areas of concern. If a fire occurs, the mini fire extinguisher balls for your home, boat, or camper will extinguish it before it has a chance to spread. Think of your MINI as your first line of defense. 

Here are a few examples of where to place your AFG Fireball-MINI:  

  • Electrical compartments 
  • Next to a battery bank and generators 
  • Next to the heat lamps 
  • Engine bays 
  • Next to propane tanks