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The AFG Fireball® Highlights

1. 🔥 AUTO FIRE GUARD FIREBALL™ : This innovative fireball extinguisher contains 90-94% pure ABC Dry Chemical Powder weighing less than 3 pounds and is the most unique fire suppression ball or fire suppression system in the market ideally suited for paper and wood fires, electrical fires, and flammable liquid fires. The Auto Fire Guard fire extinguisher ball is Certified in the USA and Americans Disabilities Act Approved, and is the only American made fire suppression ball system that has submitted to testing in the United States and passed with 0 toxicity while being safer than popping a balloon!

2. 🔥HOW IT WORKS: The Auto Fire Guard Fireball™ works by removing the carbon and hydrogen present in the atmosphere when a fire occurs to safely neutralize the hazard - it leaves the oxygen alone! Our automatic fireball fines to carbon and prevents carbon monoxide from developing - therefore, eliminating the fire. To absorb the remaining temperature, the fire extinguisher ball binds to the existing hydrogen from what used to be a fire and creates water, which then absorbs up to 2,200F°- which prevents hydrogen cyanide from developing. Carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide are the 2 most common poisons in smoke.

3. 🔥 EASY TO USE: Our super efficient fire extinguisher ball is designed to act as an automatic fire suppression system which bursts within contact with fire releasing a safe, flame-neutralizing chemicals. Place the automatic fireball in fire prone areas using the mount and bracket and if a fire occurs while you aren't home, the Auto Fire Guard Fireball® will activate and put out the fire stopping it at the source when the flames make contact. If you are home when a fire occurs, simply roll out or throw the fire extinguisher ball into the fire and within 2-5 seconds, the fireball bursts, spreading the safe flame-neutralizing substances across a 905 cubic feet space. No complicated procedure of a conventional fire extinguisher to pull the pin, squeeze the handle, aiming the nozzle and getting near the fire.

4. 🔥 ECO-FRIENDLY AND EASY TO CLEAN: The dry chemical powder used in the Auto Fire Guard fire extinguisher ball contains Eco-friendly, non-toxic dust particles which can easily be vacuum cleaned or swept away with a mop and bucket. The chemical powder released by the Auto Fire Guard Fireball™ is safe for kids and pets!

5. 🔥 WHERE TO USE: Auto Fire Guard Fireball™ can be used as kitchen fire extinguishers for the home, a stove fire extinguisher, a car fire extinguisher, an RV fire extinguisher, a boat fire extinguisher, a garage fire extinguisher, and even a race car fire extinguisher!

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