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AUTO FIRE GUARD®️ FIREBALL®️ | 3-Pound Forest | Self-Activating Fire Extinguisher Ball for ABCE&K Class, with Stand, Sign, & 10-Year Warranty


If you're looking for a great conversational piece that looks good and could save your life look no further. The AFG Fireball is a decorative fire extinguisher ball that automatically deploys 2-5 seconds after contact with fire using a dry chemical to put the fire out. 


  1. Place your fireball near potential any potential source where the fire could occur. 
  2. Anyone can use the AFG Fireball to extinguish a fire simply by tossing or rolling the AFG Fireball into the base of the fire


  • Non-Toxic
  • 360* Coverage
  • Lightweight
  • Self-Activating
  • 86db POP Alarm
  • Zero Recharging
  • Zero Maintenance
  • All-Weather Proof
  • Applicable Fire-Types ABCE&K with USA & EU Standards
  • 905 Cubic Ft Radius or 10ft x 10ft x 9ft
  • 100% Pet, People & Animal Safe
  • Food Safe, FDA & ADA Compliant
  • Powder Wipes Clean - Non-Corrosive
  • Made in the USA with some foreign components
  • Flames Required to Activate 

      Firefighter Created Extinguisher Kills Fire in 5 Seconds. 100% Pet, People & Plant Safe.

      If there was a fire at your house and it burnt down, could you guess what caused the fire? More times than not, your guess is correct.  

      Put the odds way in your favor and eliminate your guess being the cause of a fire disaster. 

      Position your AFG Fireball on the metal bracket mount (wall/table-top/ceiling mount & hardware included) above or next to the fire hazard. 

      • 10-Year Warranty
      • Never Expires 
      • Zero Upkeep
      • Food Safe, FDA & ADA Compliant
      • Powder Wipes Clean - Non-Corrosive

      You now have peace of mind. If a fire does occur, you know your AFG Fireball will put it out before it could spread and cause you to lose all your possessions or worse. 

      • Recommended Room Size: 9 x 9 x 9 ft 
      • 360* Extinguishing Radius 905 cubic ft
      • Fire types A, B, C, and K Class
      • Waterproof - ideal for boats and near fire pit and grill 
      • Activation point at 2 - 5 seconds upon contact with fire

      The 3 pound class of AFG Fireballs are perfect for any room in your house and come in 8 designs.

      Auto Fire Guard designed and engineered the Fireball in the USA under Federal USA license protected by USA registered patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.

      Fits in Anywhere

      With so many designs to choose from, you'll be able to find the one for any and every placement.

      AFG Fireball-Home Sweet Home 3-Pound-Mounted on wall above dryer in laundry room |
      AFG Fireball-Traditional 3 pound in RV behind TV in mount |