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AFG Fireball® Mini Christmas Red

Christmas Tree Fire Disaster Protection

Protection for your family and home from the threat of a Christmas Tree fire!

Hang your Christmas Mini Fireball over the strands of lights plugged into each other on your Christmas Tree. The Mini weighs 1.1 lb, so it's not going to sit out like your normal ornament, given its weight. Use the zip-tie that comes with each AFG MINI to hang near the center of the tree, on the stranger part of the branch that can support the weight, typically near where the strands of outlets are plugged into each other. 

We were careful to use as little paint as possible to keep from degrading the integrity of the Fireballs' ability to activate upon contact with 🔥. We applied one coat of high-quality Red spray paint, followed by one coat of clear-coat spray paint, which protects the paint from chipping off. Please know there will be some slight transparency of text and pictures we painted over that can be seen through the paint. 

The Auto Fire Guard Fireball-MINI stops fires from spreading and becoming fire disasters. You hang directly over the fire hazard, as close as possible to the source where the fire would occur. 

The Mini Fire Extinguishing Ball activates after 2 - 5 seconds of flame contact. Neither heat nor smoke will not cause the Mini to activate.

  • Non-Toxic
  • Self-Activating
  • Zero Recharging
  • Zero Maintenance 
  • 100% Pet, People & Plant Safe
  • 15-year warranty/Nonperishable

Depending on the demand, we want to kindly ask that you allow for an extra 2-3 days before we ship your Christmas Mini.